Institutions that are Takasbank members benefit from the Takasbank Global Custody services. Clearing and settlement transactions are executed for transactions performed in foreign stock exchanges and over-the-counter markets either for their own accounts or for customers' accounts and custody services for the capital markets instruments for these transactions are provided. Takasbank provides custody service for the capital market instruments through its accounts held at international central securities depositories-ICSDs (Euroclear ve Clearstream) and global custodians (Citibank). Thus, it provides to access to more than 65 markets around world-wide.

The capital market instruments for which services are provided are limited to the eligibility of securities for which the correspondents agree to provide custody services. Securities to be kept in custody by agreement can be monitored via correspondents through their ISIN codes.

Cleraing and settlement transactions for the capital market instruments safekeptin the custody account and cash transactions related to settlements, as well as custody services including follow-up of the corporate actionrights exercises services areprovided.

Foreign Correspondents and Markets Served

Takasbank provides access to foreign securities traded on more than 65 markets worldwide through its current overseas custody network.

Account opening is completed after checking whether securities members intend to trade are in the custody network and required documentation is in place.

Takasbank member institutions can receive global custody services after completing the required account opening procedures. Information regarding the account opening procedures is below. Our service members can forward transaction instructions using the members' menu of Takasbank terminals to execute clearing and settlement transactions after the account opening is completed and can monitor transactions through the reports on the members' menu of Takasbank terminals.

Global Custody Account opening transactions are initiated by forwarding the following original documents to the Takasbank Member Relations Department; a request form signed by two authorized signatories (one copy), the Global Custody Supplementary Contract (two copies), and the Fee Schedule (two copies). If necessary, additional documents (such as the fee schedule) are also requested from the Member Relations Team. It is necessary to fill in the contact form found under the account opening request.

Information on account opening, required documents:

Transaction Procedures