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General Letter No Date Category Subject Detail
1629 29-04-2020 TEFAS About Collateral Valuation Coefficient Changes at Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS).
1625 14-04-2020 Central Counterparty The values that the banks will use in calculating the capital adequacy ratio for the risks related to the qualified transactions with the Central Counterparties
1624 10-04-2020 Equities and Debt Securities... Transaction Corrections in the Debt Securities Market Related Parties:
1622 07-04-2020 Equities and Debt Securities... Debt Securities Market Letter of Guarantee
1621 30-03-2020 Central Counterparty Allocated and Committed Capital Amounts for the Markets where CCP Service is Provided Related Parties: Banks and Brokerage Firms
1620 25-03-2020 Futures and Options... About the Clearing and Central Counterparty Service Fee Tariff Regarding Transactions Performed in Over the Counter Derivative Markets
1619 20-03-2020 Electricity Market Amendments to Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. Procedure on Electricity Market Cash Settlement and Collateral Management Service Principles (Procedure)
1617 28-02-2020 Payment & Transfer Services... About Escrow Agent Membership Transactions of Share-Based Crowdfunding
1614 24-02-2020 Derivatives Clearing... Amendments to Procedure on EPİAŞ Natural Gas Market Cash Settlement and Collateral Management Service and Principles
1612 13-02-2020 TEFAS About Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS) Takasbank Commission Tariff