• Includes the services of; valuation, control, commitment and reporting to CMB in relation to the assets of; Stock and Shares Investment Trusts, Investment Funds and Individual Retirement Funds.
  • Within the scope of the service; 
  • The assets of the afore-mentioned collective investment institutions are subjected to valuation on a daily basis via application software of Takasbank, within the framework of the principles, which are specified in the relevant legislation of CMB.
  • Valuation results are compared with the valuation results, which are transmitted to the Database of Takasbank, by the fund/partnership operators via application software of Takasbank and then Portfolio Value and Share Value commitments are made.
  • For the Individual Retirement Funds, compliance with the portfolio management principles, which are specified within the framework of 22nd, 23rd and 24th articles of the Regulation about the Rules related to the Establishment and Activities of the Individual Investment Funds, is controlled by Takasbank.
  • The findings, which are obtained as a result of controlling of the compliance with the Unit Fund Value Commitment and Portfolio Management Principles, are reported to CMB on a daily basis.
  • This is the service of controlling of the Collective Investment Institutions (investment funds, retirement funds, investment participations) with the criteria, which have been specified by CMB and reporting of the results to CMB.