Regarding the electronic letters of guarantee and surety bonds which are accepted within the scope of the procurements realized through the Law numbered 4734 and the Public Procurement Contracts Law no. 4735 via Public Procurement Authority, “Public Collateral Management Service” which includes acceptance, custody, registration as revenue, return and extension of the validity period as well as the reporting of those collaterals.

The electronic letters of guarantee and security bonds submitted by tenderers and contractors for the procurements are issued by the banks and insurance companies and submitted to Takasbank via the KKB Electronic Letter of Guarantee Platform and Insurance Information and Monitoring Center Platform respectively, for which Takasbank carries out the acceptance processes and transfers the information related to these collaterals to EKAP.

All processes regarding electronic letters of guarantee and surety bonds accepted through Takasbank are executed digitally and fully automated through the “Takasbank Public Collateral Management Service Platform”.

The procedures and principles regarding the transactions carried out within the scope of the service are stated by “İstanbul Takas ve Saklama Bankası A.Ş. Public Collateral Management Service Procedure” and the relevant legislation can be accessed under the Rules and Regulations/Procedures section.

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