"To become an internationally preferred, reliable, effective and innovative organization, offering clearing, settlement, banking and central risk management services at international quality standards."


"To contribute to market development by offering reliable and effective post-trade services."

Our values


Adhering to the principle of trustworthiness in Takasbank relations with its customers, shareholders, stakeholders and employees; Takasbank executes services in a timely and accurate manner according to the providence of clear, accurate and correct information within the concept of mutual trust..


As a prominent infrastructure institution of the capital markets, Takasbank contributes to financial stability in Türkiye by offering effective clearing, settlement and custody services to both organized and over-the-counter markets.

Customer Orientation

Takasbank creates solutions that reinforce the financial system’s effectiveness and bolster market growth in clearing, settlement and related banking services and practices; develops projects within the framework of current and future demands and needs  of customers customers comprising of intermediary institutions, exchanges and other capital market institutions,; and operates in an environment of constant collaboration and solidarity with customers and  relevant institutions.


Takasbank embraces an investigative and inquiring approach in developing the most appropriate and accuratae solutions for the development of clearing, settlement, custody and banking services within the scope of the market and industry needs by capitalizing on professional expertise and corporate memory at the utmost level.

Robust Financial Structure

Takasbank keeps its financial assets at the level to necessary to encompass the risks undertaken and to cover the commitments given to the markets  and clearing members, within the framework of the target to launch central counterparty mechanism at the capital markets through effective clearing, settlement and custody services.


Takasbank discloses the necessary notices and announcements to both public and the related parties in an accurate and timely manner; takes the responsibilities and accepts accountability requirements as well as being ready and open to public oversight.


Taksbank adopts innovative and creative solutions by observing the efficiency of the markets served and mitigates  risks through the continuous improvement approach.