Takasbank's business continuity vision; "To be a person-oriented institution striving in the direction of international best practices, standards and legal regulations, with an institutional continuity culture embracing continuous improvement, and trusted in service continuity in national and international markets."

The Bank keeps prepared with regular training and awareness efforts to be able to resume its activities in case of unforeseen circumstances. The Bank strives to increase its resilience so that its activities are not influenced by unexpected events and are maintained during such events with the least amount of impact. Its policies in this regard are based on the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) for planning, execution, measurement and improvement.

In the case of any emergency, the health and safety of the employees of the Bank and contracted company employees located in the building and the visitors are the first priority. After the health and safety of the people is ensured, work resumes to restart the critical processes identified by the Work Impact Analysis studies.

In order to analyze the internal and external effects of any interruption and to identify the risk points; cooperation and communication development activities are carried out with customers, shareholders,  neighbors, legal authorities and suppliers on whom we are dependent with respect to our services, or institutions dependent on the Bank. 

The effectiveness of BCMS is measured and reported on the basis of enterprise performance indicators. The effectiveness of the measures adopted and improvements achieved are monitored, reported regularly by way of drills undertaken at regular intervals, and improvement activities are carried out according to the results.