All of the share certificates of Takasbank, paid capital of which is 600.000.000 TL, is registered and shares can only be transferred among the stock markets founded by Capital Market Law and their members and investment agencies, collective investment agencies, portfolio management companies, mortgage agencies, central clearing houses, global custody services, public anonymous partnerships whose share certificates run in organized markets, and individual pension companies founded under the Individual Pension Savings and Investment System Law.

Except Borsa Istanbul A.Ş, no partner can have a share more than 5% of the Bank capital directly or indirectly. 64,1778 % of the Bank capital belongs to Borsa Istanbul, 17,0427 % to 11 banks, 18,7795 % to 27 intermediary firms.

10% of the shares of Borsa İstanbul, main shreholder of Takasbank,  were sold by Turkey Wealth Fund to QH Oil Investments LLC on 30/11/2020.   As a result of the sale, the indirect shareholding of Turkey Wealth Fund in Takasbank's capital decreased from 60.47% to 54.05%.