LEI has been generated in order to identify and track the parties involved in financial transactions and is used for systemic risk measurement and monitoring.
Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are issued by Local Operating Units (LOUs) including Takasbank and a number of entities authorized by GLEIF based on “ISO 17442” standard”.

National Numbering Agency- Takasbank
Takasbank has begun to issue LEI by completing the endorsement process with both national (Capital Markets Board of Turkey-CMB) and international (Regulatory Oversight Committee-ROC and Financial Stability Board-FSB) regulatory authorities as of November 2013 and became a globally endorsed Local Operating Unit. Takasbank has successfully completed the GLEIF Accreditation process on 30/01/2018 and accredited to issue LEIs for legal entities resident in a total number of 15 countries including Turkey, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Azerbaijan.

Accredited Jurisdictions
Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Guernsey, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Marshall Islands, the Netherlands,  Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Vanuatu.

LEI Legislation
Within the framework of the supervision of the systemic risk and the protection of financial stability as stipulated in the Article 87 of the Capital Market Law numbered 6362 and dated 06/12/2012; Communiqué on the Principles of Reporting to Trade Repositories in the Official Gazette dated 27/10/2018  and numbered 30578 has been published. According to the related Communiqué, it is obligatory to report the derivative transactions performed in both domestic and international organized and over-the-counter markets to the Trade Repository and the use of LEI is required for identifying parties involved in these transactions. 

Applying Takasbank for LEI
Both local and foreign legal entities in any jurisdiction for which Takasbank is accredited can approach Takasbank to obtain LEI and can use registration service provided by Takasbank via www.leiturkey.com

Transfer of LEIs to Takasbank
Legal entities can transfer their LEI record(s) currently registered with another LOU to Takasbank upon their request.
LEI transfer applications can be effected via the web portal; www.leiturkey.com

More detailed information on LEI operation is available at www.leiturkey.com