CCP12-Global Association of CCPs

Takas Istanbul has been accepted as a primary member of CCP12 which undertakes the role of Global Association of Central Counterparties at its Annual General Meeting held in London on 6th June, 2019. CCP12 is a global association of 37  members who operate more than 50 individual CCPs across 5 continents. Association aims to promote effective risk management standards for CCPs in order to manage the systemic risks in global financial markets. In this regard, CCP12 arranges consultation meetings and forum discussions  by assessing legislative regulations and initiatives regarding CCP applications. Also, Association publishes regularly articles and reports about CCP implementations. Within this scope, Takas Istanbul has become one of the 37 CCP institutions which are members of CCP12. This membership will contribute to the convergence of CCP and central clearing practices of Takas Istanbul to international best practices.
Respectfully announced to the Public, Our Shareholders and Members.