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The Bank's vision is to "Become an internationally preferred, reliable, effective and innovative organization, offering settlement, banking and central risk management services at international quality standards," and envisions its human resources as its most important asset.

Human Resources Policy

  • To place the individuals most suited to the Bank's culture in the right positions.
  • To ensure and increase employee job satisfaction,
  • To create a working environment in which employees can maximize their potential, display their creativity and dynamic working spirit,
  • To continuously support personal and professional development, to implement fair and transparent rewarding policies,
  • To implement relevant domestic and international training plans for the employees to achieve a level of competence and knowledge in line with international standards and to ensure its continuity,
  • To plan interim duties for in-house rotation and arrange temporary appointments for on-the-job training of staff at overseas institutions,
  • To plan employee development areas, considering the results of the Individual Performance System defined in line with the Bank's strategic targets, and developing and implementing annual training programs within this framework.

Human Resources Practices

Quality and customer focus, analytical approach, team spirit, continuous development, dedicated work, reliability, impartiality, business ethics and confidentiality represent our fundamental values. 

Recruitment and Placement

The basis of our recruitment policy is the placement of the most suitable candidate in the appropriate position in terms of Bank values and cultural values, and in terms of knowledge, skills and general qualifications in line with our needs.

In the recruitment process, interviewing, measuring and assessment methods (general aptitude test, personality inventory) and reference checks are used.

Job offers are made to candidates after interviews with the managersas well as measurement and assessment. Information is provided to the candidate on the process of placement, and support is given in submitting documents and starting work.

All candidate applications are stored in the candidate pool of the Bank and interview results are shared with the candidate.

Salary Management

The basis of our salary system is a scale in which the minimum and maximum wages are based on the job title, taking into account the main responsibilities, the necessary competencies, strategic importance and managerial dimension of the position. In order to establish ideal bank-wide compensation levels, the compensation scale is updated using results from market research, studies of equivalent position within the industry, internal analysis and economic indicators. Salary increases are determined by the Board of Directors.

If the General Assembly of the Bank decides to pay dividends once a year, then wage increases will be undertaken as a performance-based reward at rates determined to motivate employees' performance taking into account their performance data and future goals

Leave Procedures

In addition to the right to use annual leave in excess of the periods specified in the Labor Law, our staff is granted education leave to continue their master's / Ph.D. programs to support career development. In addition to legal leave, compassionate leaves are also granted to our staff.

Social Benefits and Work Life

In addition to salary payments to the employees of our Bank, there are also  additional payments and benefits. Within this scope, social rights and benefits are provided within the framework of Bank legislation; 

  • Health services additional to Social Security Institution coverage are provided, which include spouse and    children being obliged to be looked after,
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Dining vouchers,
  • Road assistance is provided for the employees not requesting transportation service,
  • Financial aid on religious holidays, marriage, birth and death
  • A workplace Medical doctor and Nurse are available every day on weekdays,

Working hours are 9 a.m. - 6:15 p.m. totaling 41 hours and 15 minutes per week (with one hour lunch break). These working hours do not apply to shift workers.

Performance Management

Through the performance management system, all employees are assigned with targets and competencies at the beginning of the year in line with the goals and strategies of the Bank. This is aimed at maintaining high performance and moving the organization forward by improving individual competencies.

In the process of performance appraisal, all employees are monitored for their business performance, career plans, strengths and aspects that need further development in line with Bank targets. Employees are provided with feedback through one-on-one performance evaluation interviews conducted by the manager concerned. The recorded results play an essential role in salary, promotion, training planning and rewarding processes.

Career Management and Education

Takasbank internal regulations have been renewed in line with the Banks's internal regulations, procedures and directives considering the different needs of new recruits taking their first steps into the workplace and those who have previous experience.

Employees starting a new position at Takasbank are included in the orientation program and professional and personal training plans are designed according to their needs. In addition, our new graduates participate in comprehensive training sessions specifically designed for them.

Takasbank supports the professional and personal development of its employees with its training program. Employees are scheduled to attend training sessions at periodic intervals to become experts in their field and keep up with related professional and technological developments.

Employees are encouraged to benefit from domestic and overseas training, seminar and conference opportunities with the goal to fully equip our employees for their positions. The Job Rotation Program is implemented to better discover the skills of our bank employees, to provide them different perspectives, to test teamwork scenarios, raise employee potential and ensure business continuity at our Bank.