Pension Fund Trading Platform BEFAS Is At Your Service

Pension Fund Trading Platform (BEFAS) is an electronic platform operated by Takasbank that allows shares of pension funds to be sold and repurchased by pension company which is founder of  fund to participant of other pension companies.

Pension companies operating in our country make transactions in BEFAS which was established by Takasbank.

Through BEFAS;

• Having the opportunity to the participants have Personal Pension Fund System (BES) plan can choose the types of pension funds traded in BEFAS through the existent company without changing the pension company,

• The ability to easily transmiting request of the participant to direct their contributions to funds traded in BEFAS via website or mobile applications of the pension company which Private Pension System contracts are hold

• It is aimed to increase the return performance of pension funds by increasing the competition among pension companies.

Currently mutual funds are traded in TEFAS Fund Information Platform which is operated by Takasbank, and this opportunity is also provided for pension funds through BEFAS. In TEFAS Fund Information Platform  (, in addition to data of mutual funds, data on pension funds are also published. Through this, detailed analyzes of pension funds can be accessed comparatively.

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