Equity-Based Crowdfunding Started

The procedures and principles regarding equity-based crowdfunding, the inclusion of crowdfunding platforms in the Board's list and their activities, fundraising from the public through equity-based crowdfunding, and the control and supervision of the use of the collected funds in accordance with their declared purpose were determined with the Capital Markets Board's Communique  “"Communique on Equity-Based Crowdfunding -III-35 / A.1 (Communique)” dated October 3, 2019.

Within the scope of subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Communique, Takasbank has been authorized as an "Escrow Agent", with the provision that the funds collected through crowdfunding platforms will be blocked in an account opened by escrow agent until it is transferred to the venture company or it is returned to the investors.

Takasbank has started to serve as 'Escrow Agent' and the funding has began to be blocked by Takasbank  with the inclusion of the platforms to to the list by the Capital Markets Board.

The list of platforms that we serve as Escrow Agent can be accessed from the web address (https://www.takasbank.com.tr/en/membership/clearing-and-settlement-members ).

We present our new service to the public,