Takasbank ensures the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information for all services it provides through the support of our senior executive team, our employees and all our stakeholders. Accordingly, our goal is to continuously develop and improve the information security processes by creating a high level of awareness among our employees and stakeholders.

The Scope of Our Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Takasbank ISMS covers all employees, information and information-related systems, all services, applications and support infrastructures provided in primary and secondary work locations.

Our Information Security Objectives

  • To ensure that the ISMS is implemented as an integral part of Takasbank's processes
  • To make information security awareness a part of the corporate culture and to maintain employees' awareness of security information at the highest level
  • To keep business continuity of corporate operations and processes at the highest level and provide services with minimal outage
  • To sustain the reputation of Takasbank by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information produced, used, transmitted and/or stored.
  • To protect Takasbank against both internal and external threats
  • To maintain the risk level for Takasbank's critical assets below the acceptable risk level
  • To apply technical security controls
  • To fulfill and comply with all national and international laws, legislation and regulations and contractual obligations associated with Takasbank's information security and to protect any and all information and documents related to this obligation
  • To protect the personal information of Takasbank employees, and the trade secrets and reputation as well the personal information of the bank's suppliers, business partners and corporate customers
  • To ensure the security of all physical and electronic information assets used in the delivery of services through information systems.